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1. What is  

This website allows you to book and request concierge services online. The site also showcases how the concierge service can help you get the most out of life whether you’re at home or on the move.

Each section has functionality that enables you to either complete a booking online or send in your request to the concierge team, who will work on your requirements.

If you're interested in membership, please contact our team on 0203 056 4919.

2. What is the difference between this new website and

Our new improved platform now offers the functionality to make online bookings for travel, dining, entertainment and home services. The platform also features further information on the service we provide and the benefits available to you as a Ten member.

3. Who is eligible to access the service?

Access to this service is only given to eligible members of Ten concierge. For further details on membership eligibility please contact us on 0203 056 4919.

4. Can my PA/spouse book on my behalf?

Yes. This would require you giving them your username and password and your express permission to log into the site on your behalf.  If you would like to authorise your partner/PA to use our telephone service, please contact us and a Lifestyle Manager will be able to help.

5. Why have you introduced this new website?

We actively seek our members’ feedback on the services we provide and one reoccurring theme was that our members would like to be able to make bookings, view member benefits and offers and request further information online.

6. How secure is my data?

The security of your data is a key priority for Ten and our web application conforms to the highest industry standards whereby the application penetration has been tested by a global information assurance specialist company to the level required by the banking industry.

7. I need to change my email contact details/user name

Please contact us and we will be happy to make those changes for you.

8. I share an email address with my spouse; can I have two passwords?

Due to data privacy we are only able to set up one password per email address.

9. I share my concierge access with my spouse; can they have their own log in?

Due to data privacy we are only able to set up the primary account holder with access to our online service.

10. It won’t let me use my title Lord/Lady etc

Due to the restrictions with airline systems on titles we are only able to accept Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms.

11. What is an ‘Online’ request?

Any requests made online will not be deducted from your request allowance – you can make an unlimited number of requests online. If extra support is required from an online request, this will not be deducted.  

12. What is an ‘Ask an expert’ request?

If you decide to brief in a request over the phone or by email, instead of using Ten Concierge website, this is classed as an ‘Ask the expert’ request. Any complex requests or requests that are not available online and require a specialist are also classed as ‘Ask the expert’ request.



1. Why is my card not stored when I first register?

For data security reasons we do not store your card details in this website. Your card details will only be stored at the point at which you wish request a purchase and this is via a secure payment gateway called PXP.

2. How secure are my payment details? 

The PXP Payment gateway we use is highly secure as it has regulatory compliance with FCA, SEPA and Schemes and is secure with PCI-DSS, PA-DSS and P2PE.

3. What payment methods can I use?

All major debit and credit cards with the exception of Diners Club.

4. I have put my card details into the system but I haven’t received a confirmation

Travel purchase payments will be taken from your card at the point of booking online. If you are in any doubt that your payment details have been submitted or you have not received a confirmation, please contact us.

For entertainment requests, your card details will be stored but payment will not be processed until the tickets are purchased offline by one of our ticket specialists. You will receive a booking confirmation following the successful purchase of your tickets.

5. I’m having issues making payment on my iPhone/iPad

Unfortunately our payment portal provider is currently experiencing display issues when payments are attempted on an iPhone or iPad - they are working to fix this as soon as possible. If you experience any issues, we advise using a desktop computer or contact us to process your payment. 


Site usage

1. Do I need to log in each time I use the website?

No; when you enter your details in the log-in page, please tick ‘Remember me’. However, we do not recommend you do this if using a public computer or device, for data security reasons.

2. How do I use the website?

If you are having any difficulty navigating around the site or using any specific functionality please contact us for support. We are always looking to improve the website, so if you have any feedback please call us on  we’d love to hear from you.



1. What can I do online?

The website showcases the latest table availability at some of London and the UK’s best restaurants via our 'Hot Tables' listings, giving you the opportunity to make reservations even when the restaurant is fully booked. You can also keep abreast of dining news, reviews, events and rumours with our regularly updated articles and interviews with leading chefs. 

2. What are Hot Tables?

There are two types of Hot Tables available:

Exclusive to Ten Concierge: these tables are organised and pre-booked by our team of dining experts. These tables are available only to our members, not the general public.

Last-minute availability: this is where we have recently been notified by the management at the restaurant of this availability. Please send through your request and a member of our dining team will be in contact to confirm. In the event that this table has been taken, we will endeavour to find you a suitable alternative via our network of restaurant contacts.

3. How do I book Hot Tables?

Simply click the restaurant you wish to book, fill in the requested details and we’ll send you an email as soon as we have confirmed the booking with the restaurant. 

4. How do I make a general dining request?

As with Hot Tables, simply click the restaurant you wish to book and fill in the requested details. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we have confirmed your booking. Depending on the party size the restaurant may require a credit card to secure the booking. On these occasions we will contact you for your card details.

5. How do I know you have made a reservation for me?

You will receive a written confirmation of your booking from one of our restaurant specialists.

6. What is the benefit of making a dining reservation via Ten?

Due to our strong network of relationships within the dining industry, Ten have partnered with many of the UK’s top restaurants, meaning our members receive priority booking and a complimentary benefit  such as complimentary champagne on arrival  when booking through us. If a complimentary benefit is available with your chosen restaurant, this will be confirmed in your booking confirmation.

7. I need to cancel my reservation

Please call us if you wish to cancel.

8. I receive the Dining Club email; is this different?

The concept is the same but the delivery is different. You will receive Dining Club emails as normal every Wednesday but you will be directed to our online portal to view and click to book hot tables directly – saving you time. It will also be clear which tables are still available.



1. What can I do online?

You are able to request information about events and the availability of tickets. In addition, you can request to purchase tickets before they go on general sale to the public. There is also functionality to track your favourite artists and sign up to event rumours to hear more when information becomes available.

2. What is the difference between the Request Tickets, Request Information and Presale buttons?

You use the Request Tickets function to buy tickets which are already on sale.

Request Information is for events where it is more challenging to source tickets. This function allows you to request information and a Lifestyle Manager will call you back.

Presale is for events that are going on sale that week giving you the opportunity to pre-order what you would like to secure through the general sale at face value.

3. What do we mean by Track Artists and Event Rumours and what is the difference between them?

Track Artists gives you the opportunity to tell us who you would like to see when they announce a tour in the future. When you press this button we will automatically send you an email as soon as we hear anything about the artist in question.

Event 'Rumours' relate to events that we have been told are likely to go on sale in the near future. We receive this information through our industry contacts. Again, when you press this button we will alert you as soon as it’s possible to buy tickets.

The difference between the two is that the Track Artists function acts as a wish list, whereas event rumours are very likely to happen.

By using these functions you are not committing to buy tickets, just signing up for more information when it becomes available.

4. How do I search for an event?

If you can see the image on the home page, click on the box underneath to go through the next steps.

If you can’t see the event on the homepage, select the relevant category in the top bar and click go.

Once on the specialist area homepage you can sort by popularity, date or alphabetically.

5. Once I have found an event, how do I buy tickets?

If the tickets are already on sale, you are asked to request tickets and to select up to three dates in order of preference with equivalent prices. A Lifestyle Manager will check availability of tickets for your choices and get in touch so you can decide next steps. 

You will sometimes also be asked to supply the card number with which you would like to pay for the tickets. 

This request will be sent to our Lifestyle Managers and they will be in contact once the ticket booking has been processed.

6. How do I request tickets which are going on sale in the near future?

This is a very similar process to buying tickets already on sale. You will be asked to request tickets and you will be able to select up to three dates in order of preference for Lifestyle Managers to check availability. 

You will sometimes also be asked to supply the card number with which you would like to pay for the tickets. 

This request will be sent to our Lifestyle Managers and they will be in contact once the ticket booking has been processed.

7. Why do I provide my card details for some ticket requests and not for others?

The box offices we use have different booking procedures which require card details at different times during the booking process. Therefore the point at which we require your card details will depend on the box office used to fulfil your request.

8. The artist that I want to follow is not on the list; how do I track them?

If you can’t see the artist that you are looking for, type in the box at the top of the Track Artist page and press submit and we will register your interest.

9. If I want to speak to an expert, how can I do this?

Click Contact an expert at the top of the screen; the list of direct numbers will appear.

10. Can I book multiple dates or venues on the site?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we are clear you want to book more than one date – otherwise we will assume you only want one of your options in the order of preference specified on the site.

11. Why can’t I book tickets directly through the site?

We are currently working with the major box offices to combine their technology with ours to make the platform even more effective meaning you will be able to purchase tickets directly. This enhancement will be introduced shortly and will be communicated once in place.

12. How will I know you have made a successful booking on my behalf?

You will receive an update from the Tickets team via email to let you know once your booking has been made.

13. What is the benefit of making an entertainment reservation with you?

In the UK, no one box office holds all tickets in the market and usually for large events there are multiple box offices that sell the tickets. Therefore, in order to provide a full ticket service we work with a consortium of suppliers.

The benefit of us having relationships with all major box offices is that we are able to get you the best value ticket on the market. We are also able to access live inventory direct from their allocations from our offices.

14. How do I cancel my tickets?

You will need to contact a ticket expert by phone and we will look into this for you. However, it is usual policy for the terms and conditions to state that there will be no refunds or exchanges once tickets are confirmed.

15. How/when will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent directly to you from the box office. It is the producers and the promoters that decide when these are sent to help reduce ticket fraud. Theatre tickets are sent usually within 48 hours of purchase. Music and Sports tickets are usually released 5-7 days before the event.




1. I want to book a multi-leg journey

Please contact the Travel team to book this for you.

2. I want to leave from one airport and return into another

Please contact​ the Travel team to book this for you.

3. Why can I not select an outbound/inbound date of today or tomorrow?

You can still make last minute bookings by calling us. We restrict last minute bookings online as we want to ensure a Lifestyle Manager can ensure everything is correct, payment is processed and tickets are issued immediately and in the unlikely event that there is an issue a Lifestyle Manager can ensure everything is resolved prior to travel.

4. What is the difference between cheapest and fully flexible?

Cheapest – these are often non-refundable, cannot be amended, or carry high charges to change. Fully flexible – while often more expensive, they can usually be refunded or amended at any time before departure at no cost or at lower cost.

5. I need to cancel or change my booking?

Please contact​ the Travel team to look into this for you.

6. How will I receive my tickets?

You will automatically receive confirmation of your booking; this is not your ticket. An e-ticket will be sent via email within 24 hours of making your flight reservation.

7. Do you need my passport information?

We do not need your passport details to make the reservation but you will need a valid passport and visa (if applicable) to travel.

8. When do the child ages come into effect?

A child’s age in terms of a travel booking is taken from the age they are on the date of outbound travel.

9. Can I book unaccompanied minors through the site?

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

10. What do I do if have booked the wrong flight?

Please contact​ the Travel team to look into this for you.

11. What if the airline cancels the flight or changes the time and/or route of the flight?

We will be notified of any changes and will contact you immediately to discuss alternatives.

12. I would like to make special meal requests?

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

13. Can I book extra baggage allowance?

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you.

14. I would like to take skis/snowboard/golf clubs/surfboard

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you.



1. How can you offer a discounted rate so that you are cheaper than Expedia?

As an exclusive benefit for our members, we pass back the travel agent commission, which is usually charged to the end customer. This means you will receive a discounted price.

2. What is a Global Hotel Collection hotel?

You can enjoy a vast range of exclusively negotiated benefits when staying at a handpicked selection of hotels around the world. By booking through concierge, you will benefit from some amazing offers, including room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, hotel credits, flexible check-in and check-out times, dining and spa credits and complimentary wi-fi at some of the world's finest and best-known hotels. To take advantage of the benefits on offer you will also find them listed on this site when you browse the hotels section.

All of our hotel benefits are based on the best available rate. At present we can make special arrangements at more than 1,400 luxury hotels, a collection we are continually developing and have put together based on the places our members visit most frequently, including independent, classic, contemporary and boutique hotels.

We are proud to have global partnerships with a number of the world's finest hotel groups.  Click here for a for list of hotel groups

3. What is the benefit of booking my hotel through you?

By booking through the website we can save you money compared to the typical online price and this saving will be displayed at the time of booking. If you book one of our Global Hotel Collection properties you will get great added benefits such as free breakfasts and room upgrades. Please call us to find out more.

4. I need to change or cancel my booking?

Please call the Travel team look into this for you.

5. Can I use my hotel loyalty programme online?

 Not currently. Please contact us and we can take these details.

6. I would like to make some requests for my stay

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

7. I can’t see the hotel I want on your site

Please contact​ the Travel team to look into this for you.

8. What do I do if I have booked the wrong hotel?

Please contact​ the Travel team to look into this for you.

9. I have looked at the Expedia site and it is showing a cheaper rate

We offer you a discount so that as a general rule the rate that we are offering online will be cheaper than Expedia. However, on some occasions the discount applied may not make the rate on our site cheaper than Expedia due to a lag in rates between and the Expedia Affiliate Network.

10. I would like to book different room types

Please contact​ the Travel team to look into this for you.


Car hire

1. What is the benefit of booking car hire through you?

As an exclusive benefit for our members, we are passing back the travel agent’s commission that is usually charged to the end customer – meaning you can take advantage of this discount.

2. I need to book additional extras such as infant/child seats, navigation system, roof rack or snow tyres; how can I do this?

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

3. How can I see how much it will cost me for additional extras?

You can request these online but they will be paid for locally. Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

4. Will I get the car I can see online?

No, these are just examples as a guide for vehicle size.

5. I have a loyalty card; how do I input the number into the system?

You cannot do this online. Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.


Other travel

1. Do I need a visa?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions. Visa requirements depend on the country you are travelling to and the passport that you hold and apply to adults and children alike. Please refer to the relevant country's embassy information or call us to obtain the latest travel guidance.

2. Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an important part of your arrangements. You should take out adequate insurance for the duration of your trip. Travel insurance is a mandatory element of some travel arrangements.

3. Do I need vaccinations?

Please refer to the embassy information of the country you are travelling to for the latest vaccination advice.

4. How can I make special requests?

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

5. How can I book extras such as babysitting?

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.

6. How can I book an airport transfer?

Please contact​ the Travel team to arrange this for you.


At home

1. Why shouldn’t I just look in the phone book?

We will send a vetted supplier or carry out exhaustive due diligence to find you the right supplier for the work you require. Our experts deal with suppliers on a daily basis and know what to ask and where to look.

2. How do you vet suppliers?

Before being considered as a Ten supplier, a company or individual must undergo a rigorous vetting procedure and provide information that includes:

  • Credit
  • Trade references
  • Customer references
  • Marketing literature / product information
  • Trade affiliations / regulatory bodies (where applicable)
  • Insurance certificates, public, employee and professional liability
  • Portfolio of completed projects

When we first use a supplier, they are put on a probationary period of three months. During this time, we monitor them even more closely than usual.

3. What would happen if I have any concerns or issues once the job starts?

We will always be the intermediary between you and the supplier, and will work with both sides to resolve any disputes.

4. Are your suppliers more expensive?

The building industry has no national regulatory body for pricing, and it is therefore up to each supplier to say how much they want to charge for a job. However, it is possible to get an average market rate. Our suppliers must fall within this bracket – if they don’t, there must be a clear reason for it.   

All of Ten’s suppliers are regularly checked to make sure they are offering value for money. It is worth remembering that some tradesmen are highly skilled and their rates often reflect this. Also, it is normal for the first hour to be more expensive to cover time spent travelling to the job.

5. Will you take on any building-related request?

We provide a unique service as we will undertake to help you with any building request, from a simple decorating job to the complete renovation of a Grade II Georgian house.



1. Can you get hold of exclusive items that I couldn’t get otherwise?

We can source items that normally have waiting lists. Please contact us to tell us what you are looking for.

2. Can you get me a discount?

We also partner with several retailers that offer discounts and benefits for our members.



1. I am buying a new car – why shouldn’t I just go to the dealer?

A dealer will only try to sell you a car from the range that they are selling. Ten can offer you independent advice based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the industry. We can usually better the price and deliver more quickly than a local dealer too.



1. I can’t remember my password

Click the forgotten password button on the log-in page and you will receive a new one to your registered email address. If you do not know what this email is, please contact us for further assistance.

2. Cancellation policy

Please refer to section 2.2 of our Terms and Conditions.

3. I wish to make a complaint

Please contact us immediately should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the service. We will undertake to look into the issue within two working days of receipt of notification and will respond to you as soon as reasonably practicable.


Complaint handling

We aim to resolve all member complaints within a service level agreement of 24 hours. Our core Member Satisfaction team will train, support and quality-check resolution management within specific departments.

Our duty when handling complaints:

  • To recognise and acknowledge any form of dissatisfaction at the member’s first point of contact by email, telephone call, social media, online concierge or text message.
  • To ensure that our complaint handlers are equipped with sufficient training, coaching and support mechanisms to resolve complaints fairly and to the full satisfaction of the member.
  • To escalate complaints efficiently, thereby minimising effort and barriers for the member to complain.
  • All members are kept informed as to the progress of their complaint and the expected timeframe for full resolution.
  • To coach our member facing staff to treat all constructive feedback with empathy and, in turn, to ensure all communication is clear and personalised to the member’s dissatisfaction. This will include feedback that is resolved with compensation to our members.